Bert Gonzalez-Rubio

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Seeking position as ... LEED Analyst

Agent of change, proactive in acquiring new skills, thrive on user satisfaction, problem solver




& Quality assurance testing & Streamline processes and reduce operating cost

& Development team leader & Introduced development methodology innovations

& Proactive in bringing changes and getting user involvement in projects and improved installation

& Developed marketing demos of financial application & Analysis and design of financial applications


& Took charge of a development project that was behind schedule, and manage to finish it on time.

& Interfaced with the users to insure satisfaction with the systems functionality.

& Liaison between company and marketing representatives

& In constant search for ways of lowering cost or increasing quality at the same price

& Founder and first Administrative VP of a Toastmaster International chapter



Software Developer - Primerica Financial Services 1999- 2003

Acccomplishments at PRIMERICA


Volunteer work

Awards/ Recognitions